the corner store

The corner store is a melting pot and a meeting spot for life to unfold just as it may have back in their home countries in small villages. It is a stable and constant place that they can return to again and again amidst the chaos of their lives in a city like San Francisco. What is their dreams if they have them and what keeps them coming back to the corner store? My personal corner store owner Omar is a constant fixture that creates a space of familiarity, calm and trust.


venice kids

It isn’t about being the coolest cat, but about creativity, music, and getting a good laugh.

dive madhouse

Coming soon.

the desire wine

What's your desire

flying through life with dusty

Meet Dusty my neighbor - a spiritual guy who built a little cottage on my roof.
One day we sat down, drank green tea and Dusty shared his passion for flying and his view on life.

Red with a touch of pink


the corner store

I set out to get to know the local corner store owners in San Francisco - which future doesn't look that bright.