Ikea -

shared spaces 360

360 images is a tool that always been used in the housing market. With the new and emerging 360 video/VR technology, we saw the opportunity to show our products in a format that shows more than what a flat screen would do. It also allows the user to interact with the content to explore all the angles and furniture in the space. The camera is placed like a fly on the wall to create the impression that you are in someones home; Where Life Happens.
Freija Edlund, Amanda Wennberg


lovecraft country - hbo

Who says you can’t pull off an experiential event during COVID?

Prost with pretzels- snyder's of hanover

For Oktoberfest, we took the perfect pair, pretzel and beer, and baked em’ together.


With the Dell XPS, you can get more into whatever you’re into. So you can go deeper down the rabbit hole of that thing you’re most passionate about and discover a Youniverse entirely your own.

think inside the box-
the new york times

We’re repurposing the iconic New York Times newspaper boxes to challenge our audience to think critically. It will be placed in major cities across the US, to get peoples attention in their daily life.

female figures-

Olympics in the ancient Greece was only for men and the art work that has lived on from that time feature those men as gods. This Olympic in Tokyo 2020 we're cementing female figures in sports. Because women also needs to be remembered.


We found that that all assistants have a female identity. Amazon is now taking the lead towards equality by introducing Alex.

zap mode-

The challenge was create the next big camera feature. We created a live editing mode that’s perfect for the Instagramming millennial.


The campaign gives up and coming artists a chance to shine by being featured on Chance’s playlist on SoundCloud. 90% of Hip Hop produced music will never reach out to an audience. The industry needs to change to bring in new musical talent and this is an initiative to do so.